About Beyersbergen INteriors

Casey Beyersbergen established Beyersbergen Interiors in 1972.


He founded the company on six principles:

1. Commitment to the training and support of skilled and reliable staff

2. Superior workmanship

3. Opening stores on time

4. Honest pricing

5. Prompt payment of sub trades

6. Financial stability

Our Mission is

To deliver quality work on time for a reasonable and fair dollar value while maintaining a safe and friendly working environment for clients and employees alike.

Since 1972 Beyersbergen Interiors has taken pride in opening stores on time and leaving our customers totally satisfied with the job done. After 46 years we are still working with some of our original clients.
Beyersbergen Interiors employs 30 full-time professional and administrative staff and as many as 100 contracted trades’ people. Our management team has over 130 years of accumulated experience in the development of retail space.
With Beyersbergen Interiors well established, Casey, planning for continuing growth and stability took in two long time employees as partners: Cisco Beyersbergen and Rob Baretta. We look forward to providing our original, new, and future clients with the quality products and services that Casey Beyersbergen has built over 46 years in business.

Contractor Check


Beyersbergen Interiors is 100% Contractor Check accredited. We pride ourselves on our health and safety record.


In North Town Centre, Edmonton Alberta. By Beyersbergen Interiors.